Monday, October 1, 2007

Edge or End View

Wave or solar glint wave is swept into the Sun's radiation and given Earth's velocity or rotation the wave travels at billions of miles per second, generating super magnetics as it penetrates the glint wave which travels down through the glint wave entering Earth's magnetic fields. This creates a super magnetic hot spot, which will cause moisture to form above it, which the super magnetics will use when it reaches a critical density to jump back to where it came from, using the moisture or clouds as a stepping stone. In doing so it crystallizes the cloud system to saturation or its crystallized threshold, then once completely crystallized the cloud system can no longer sustain the huge power transfer and snaps shut, causing a super magnetic shock wave, stranding the super magnetic power in the atmosphere where it searches for water vapour portions. If not fully dissipated however, it will return to Earth as lightning and repeats the process of drawing new moisture to again repeat the process until the super magnetic hot spot is completely dissipated.


If clouds are above this event at the time of firing then it will be stopped, causing a rainbow to be produced as the solar fan or glint wave slows from light speed, 186,000 miles/second, to a stop. This causes different coloured frequency bands or the rainbows as it slows through its frequency and is dissipated by the clouds, causing no charge hot spot or super magnetics to take place as its prevented by the clouds or low pressure system, there are two conclusions to the event one when clouds are above and one when there is not, one can be seen IE. the Rainbow reflected onto the bottom of the clouds or moisture, the other is 99.9% invisible.
But contrary to the common belief, all Rainbows are projected from Earths surface via a Hetrodynamic Hydro event IE. rivers, creeks where ever H2O or water moves on Earths surface, cover up any of natures blessings with a dam or catchment the results could be devastating when it comes to getting the required super magnetics or hot spot that produces the rain event in the first place, as there will be no event, the conclusions are obvious.

Full Side View


Glint wave or solar fan is swept into oncoming Sun's radiation at billions of miles per second causing super magnetics as it passes through. This travels down it into Earths Magnetic fields causing a hot spot.

The light pulse caused by its actions as it sweeps through space would be seen for a mind boggling distance, into other galaxies and beyond.

If clouds are present when the system fires then it becomes null and void and appears as a rainbow. The wave slows from light speed, 186,000 miles/second, to a dead stop, hence the colours represent light at different speeds (7 of them) the Rainbow projected under or on to the bottom of the clouds .

The Symbols for this discovery are:

All of these can only be seen while standing in the 150mm Glint wave, otherwise it is entirely invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen under certon conditions.

Authors Note:

Something similar to this appears in the hieroglyphics of the Great Giza pyramids only with one addition, the Pyramid with the water tank depicted on top it baffled me for some time but then the penny dropped

Can you guess what it means?

I Have and there is no room left for sceptics !
Chris Temp

The (TGF) Tempos Refractory or( Glint ) Factor Law will be in every textbook concerning Geophysics, Medical research and Space Research, in many fields including the reduction of cancer producing anomalies on the entire planet, it will also help explain Global warming and give answers, this new discovery is what man has been searching for, the breakthrough into science that will revolutionize the way we see things and do things, the first challenge for its discover Christopher Temp is to apply his (TGF) to the ABC building in Brisbane that now stands empty due to curtain conditions that prevail over the building in regard to the occurrence or the high rate of cancer in women occupying the said building.
Tempo, as he is known to his friends feels confidant that not only can he locate the anomaly but could if it fits his (TGF) schematics rectify the existing problem and prevent it from accruing again.
Not only the ABC building, but possibly many others that may also be subject to (TGF) but as yet are undiscovered .
Tempo says, while its uncharted fields and its even unknown to the Guru Professors that specialize in such things, it is an extremely complex issue and they have yet to become aware of my scientific research, in the back shed so to speak, and possibly stick there noses in the air, but let me firer a few rounds over there bows as this discovery is big enough to swallow the entire CSIRO all staff and building and there complete budget.
The Data of my discovery given I have not published it yet, that’s scientifically understandable and possibly the hardest thing for them to understand will be that the data has come completely out of left field without there slightest knowledge and that it comes from a completely undisciplined Scientific researcher that’s been researching the subject for almost 10 years, drawing his research to a conclusion in Feb this year, nailing his theories to its correct conclusion, (TGF) is here and unless we come to grip’s with it, there will be an escalation of the occurrence of cancer world wide.
The biggest problem to day is there is to many secretes amongst the disciplines due to patent Rights and the money that flows from them and or fund allocations of budgets, that tends to hamstring many a good mind, but to add, my research was self funded and my work and discovery is so huge that it would not be patentable and is to important to try to, it’s a peoples discovery and not just Australia its a world wide Discovery that will be important for 1000s of different reasons
I am excited as I believe it’s a discovery of MEGA BUNKER BUSTING proportions
But if I can nail the escalating cause of cancer and a few other things it’s all been worth the hard work that was carried out without a budget and perhaps I may even be up there with the Nobel Lorette's and the senior Professors of the world maybe even the coveted Templeton PRIZE now that would be different Here's hoping TEMPO (TGF)